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Yogurt with Fruit


A Healthy and fun way to start your day

Chadlington Little Learners proudly adheres to healthy eating guidelines.

We offer children a  place to have fun, relax and socialise with their friends and children of other ages, before beginning their day of learning. 

Children are given options of cereals, toast, fruit and on some occasions special extras such as pancakes, crumpets etc.

Children are then able to join our walking bus from the setting down the hill to Chadlington Primary School. 

Children's safety is paramount, and we ensure all policies and procedures are followed.

The Breakfast Club is open from 8AM to 9.45AM Monday to Friday term time.

The cost per session is £2.50 per child. We then offer a reduced rate to any siblings also attending at £2 per child.

Breakfast club: Welcome
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Breakfast club: Image
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