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Term 1B November 2020

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

At Chadlington little learners we have had a wonderful beginning to our autumn term. After a

long time away due to lockdown in the spring we have loved welcoming back our children

and to continue learning.

We have enjoyed playing outdoors, exploring nature and noticing the signs of autumn and

the seasonal changes. The children have been busy gathering acorns and pinecones,

creating campsites, making mud cake, pumpkin tea and clay monsters in our mud kitchen

and planting leeks and making a scarecrow at our allotment. As winter approaches we have

been setting up bird and hedgehog feeding stations, inviting fairies to play, writing signs for

squirrels to share with the birds, discovering secret paths, hidden treasure, yellow cats, and

a magic biscuit tin!

We are so excited to be learning together again, building friendships and self confidence and

learning about our wonderful world. At Chadlington little learners our children are central to

all our planning and we continue to be amazed at how children can play and inspire us to be

open minded and imaginative.

We are so excited to be extending our sessions and we are now taking bookings for the new

terms ahead.

Charlie and the Team

Chadlington Little Learners

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